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maybe it was the doors that so seamlessly led to gates, but anyway, here we are. whether its the rusty locks, color choices, or graphic elements i am finding some great gates here in the city.


long overdue update of some of my favorite instagram images. you can follow me @horseandfeather more to come soon.

and ps- im on twitter now too! follow me @mymissmonty


first of all happy new year! i can’t believe that this post took so long to get published, considering how excited i was to take these pictures. doors have kind of been a thing of mine for a while now and to visit another country this past year and to be able to open my eyes and photograph subject matter so familiar yet so foreign was such a treat. let this only be the beginning of my travels!


the city is changing right before our eyes, pay attention to the details.

here is 777 tennessee from my previous post in September. which do you like better? they sure are different. i’m thinking i like the old 777 but i am also adverse to change. so, with so much ahead of me here’s to being open in 2012!

i think i smell a new years resolution…